Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall League Trivia 11/20

This week was Greg's birthday! Billy's generous present to Greg was writing Greg's rounds for him so Greg could relax for the week.

Round 1 (Greg) - HOW GAY I AM

1. I use dental hygiene products every day, because I need something to really clean out the very back of my throat. Someone who didn't have very good dental hygiene was George Washington. Everybody knows he had fake teeth, but what were they made out of?

** Ivory (Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been by Relient K)

2. I'm a big fan of The Bears, and how big and strong they are. This question is about the Chicago Bears. Which legendary Chicago Bears player was nicknamed "The Refrigerator"?

** William Perry (Firework by Katy Perry)

3. I like traffic cones. They make the best chairs. In the SNL movie Coneheads, who plays the father of the family?

** Dan Aykroyd (Dance by Justice)

4. I really like glazed donuts, and I REALLY like it when somebody turns me into a glazed donut. What is the name of the famous Donut restaurant on The Simpsons?

** Lard Lad Donuts (Play Hard by David Guetta)

Bonus Round
The truth about poverty in America can be hard to swallow. But not for me, because I can swallow anything. What are the top 5 states with the highest poverty rates?

** Mississippi (Miss Murder by AFI)
** Louisiana (Loser by Beck)
** New Mexico (Next to Me by Emeli Sande)
** Alabama (You’re So Damn Hot by OK Go)
** Texas (Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners)


Lots of people make fun of Greg Ronco for being tall, but really we should be thankful. It keeps his face from being at eye-level. This question is about another very tall person... I want to know who played the incredibly large man Fezzik in the movie Princess Bride.

** Andre the Giant (Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang by Dr. Dre)

Greg is the whitest and blondest person I know. Greg is so white and blonde that he looks like if Adolf Hitler was the casting director for The OC. This question is about Hitler. What 1934 Nazi propaganda film directed by Leni Riefenstahl is widely known as the most classic example of propaganda in film history?

** Triumph of the Will (Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan)

Greg will date anybody, he's actually dated several amputees recently. Apparently they weren't amputees at first, but he started talking about hockey and they had to gnaw their own legs off to escape. This question is about hockey. I want to know what name the Colorado Avalanche used to go by.

** The Quebec Nordiques (Nordic Wind by Action Bronson)

Greg actually just dyed his hair red, because he is a rebellious girl in middle school. We were worried about it first, but we're hoping it's just a phase that will end when he finishes this bizarre decade-long puberty he seems to be experiencing. Everybody knows that director John Hughes is the king of rebellious teenage movies, but I want to know what his highest grossing movie was.

** Home Alone (Coming Home by Puff Daddy)

Bonus Round
To his credit, Greg never leaves the house looking like shit. Greg dresses like an alien who learned about Earth culture by observing a Land's End catalogue. I want to know what the top 5 most valuable U.S. retail brands are.

** Walmart (Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd)
** Target (Real As It Gets by Jay-Z)
** Best Buy (You're My Best Friend by Queen)
** Home Depot (My Way Home by Kanye West)
** Walgreens (Fuck You by Cee Lo Green)


1. I always loved the TV series Ed, Edd & Eddy. They were always trying to pursue jawbreakers, and I also love having huge balls in my mouth. In Ed, Edd & Eddy what was the name of the neighborhood girl who Eddy had a crush on?

** Nazz (Hero by Nas)

2. Thanksgiving is coming up next week, and I'm excited because I love a good stuffing. Thanksgiving is supposed to celebrate the Pilgrims, and this question is about a novel set during that time. I want to know what the name of the protagonist in The Scarlet Letter was.

** Hester Prynne (Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes)

3. I know a lot of people who smoke cigarettes. I would never touch cigarettes, I prefer to have a thick pipe in my mouth. What is the worldwide best-selling brand of cigarettes?

** Marlboro (I Remember You by Skid Row)

4. My favorite super-hero growing up was Batman, because I can empathize with him. He lost his parents, and I'm always looking for a new Daddy. What is the name of Batman's enemy who is part-bat?

** Man-Bat (I'll Make a Man Out of You by Cast of Mulan)

Bonus Round
I can't get married to Billy in many states because of bigoted legislation. I want to know what the first 5 states to legalize gay marriage were.

** Massachusetts (Take a Walk by Passion Pit)
** California (Every Morning by Sugar Ray)
** Iowa (Sun of a Gun by Oh Land)
** Vermont (Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground)
** Connecticut (Rainbow Connection by The Muppets)

The first thing people usually notice about Greg is that he looks like a picture of a toddler that was stretched out using photoshop. This question is about another child... I want to know who was the youngest person to ever win an Academy Award.

** Tatum O'Neal (Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond)

Greg can't grow facial hair to save his own life, because even body hair wants to avoid touching his face. This question is about facial hair. I want to know which Civil War general is famous for coining the term "sideburns."

** Ambrose Burnside (Roses by Outkast)

Greg is very lanky. He's extremely tall but he's also very uncoordinated. He's like 7 feet tall, and they're all left feet. This question is about animals with unusual limbs. What is the only animal in the world with 4 knees?

** The Elephant (Fancy Clown by Madvillain)

Greg looks young, but he's actually very very old. He is extremely old. He has been going to Clark University for so long that when he started here, Clark was prestigious. Greg is inching slowly closer to death, and this question is about death. I want to know what non-human creature kills more humans than any other on the planet.

** The Mosquito (Love by Mos Def)

Bonus Round
Despite all of the terrible things about him, Greg is a wonderful person and he has a lot of heart. Some people say that heart is a useless superpower... but those people haven't met Captain Motherfucking Planet. I want to know the names of the five planeteers who assisted Captain Planet.

** Kwame (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!)
** Wheeler (Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel)
** Linka (Numb by Linkin Park)
** Gi (Guillotine by Raekwon)
** Ma-Ti (Dear Mama by 2Pac)

1. We Need Pencils, Many - 87
2. Lookin' to score - 72
2. What the Fuck Will - 72
3. Clarissa Explains My balls - 68
4. The North Mexican Division - 35

League Standings
1. Frisky Dingoes - 41 + 3 = 44
2. Lookin’ to score – 40 + 3 = 43
3. Clarissa Explains My Balls - 26 + 2 = 28
4. French Toast Mafia – 22
5. My Grandma loves scrabble... - 20
6. Every Twerkin for the Weekend - 17
7. I saw jimmy fallon - 16
8. The Ross McAllister Experience - 7
9. Moynihan Job – 6
10.  We Need Pencils, Many = 4

Greg would like everyone to know that he is not actually homosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

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